Innovative, beautiful and energy efficient, Abrash's range of Honeycomb Blinds represent the ultimate in window coverings. Honeycomb fabric features a cell structure that allows air to be trapped within the cells, providing superior energy efficiency that can help you save up on your energy costs. Aside from this, the fabric is made from anti-static, nonwoven polyester which aids in the resistance of dust, making this durable fabric easy to clean and maintain.

The particular hollow structure design, maintain the indoor temperature stable ,and keep the room quiet. Three different fabrics: transparent , semi-opaque , and black out . Black out fabrics, laminated by aluminum foil, can reach 100% black out effect. Semi opaque fabrics can offer you the soft light . Through adjusting the location of blind , you will find all your requirements about the light can be realized .


Ensure total darkness with our range of blackout blinds – the ideal choice to block out the light in your bedroom. They sit neatly inside the window frame, provid- ing a subtle way to create darkness at any time.

Not only great value for money, we offer a wide range of colours and styles to fit in with your chosen taste and décor. On the site you’ll find all kinds of patterns, colours and looks that are attractive, effective and our made to measure service means you can get the perfect fit for your blackout blinds.


These blinds are like sunglasses for your windows! SunScreen blinds are a mixture of our block- out and translucent blinds. While still offering sun protection and privacy, they let a bit of light in, and also allow you clear view outside. Screen blinds are for areas where you would like a mixture of shade and privacy, the fantastic solution for offices and schools.


Roman Blinds are an excellent choice for people that desire a unique and stylish look for their home.

These blinds will make a wonderful addition to any modern home, providing a touch of pure beauty to any room in your house. Roman blinds have panels of material that are stitched together in rows to form an alluring blind.

Our roman blinds also include aluminium back battens that seal the seams, covering the stitching and providing a perfect seal that prevents any light from passing through.


Zebra blinds are the latest in light filtering window treatments. Its modern look adds a stylish functional effect to your living room, bedroom or office. While at the same time controlling the amount of light you want in the room.

Its twin cell material delivers excellent insulation and saves you energy costs. The double cells trap air and repel the summer heat or winter cold, keeping you comfortable.


Motorised Roller Blinds are available in all your favourite fabrics & colours. Motorised Blinds can be installed with hard wiring, rechargeable or solar powered.

The hard wired and rechargable systems come with a remote control which allows you to raise, lower & stop the blinds move- ment. The solar powered system has a chain that is extremely easy to operate, pull the chain once and the blinds start to rise, pull the chain again and the blinds stop, one more pull on the chain and the blinds begin to close. All of these motorised systems are available in our show room.


Add depth, texture and style to a room with luxury curtains from Abrash in sumptuous fabrics and exquisite design. Our sizeable collections of luxury curtains allow you to choose from an array of textures, designs and styles in order to suit your person- al tastes and match you decor wonderfully.

Available in a range of styles form pencil pleat to eyelet, you can suit your tastes and the theme of your room perfectly.


At Abrash, we carry a wide selection of the highest quality designer sheer fabric and voile fabric for drapery and more uses at affordable prices. These transparent sheers are more than just see-through, they take light beautifully. Dress your windows with embroidery, metallics, and prints as well from Abrash.

Our range of fabrics includes jacquard weaves, cut and uncut velvets, silks, embroideries, linen and cotton prints, digital prints and a wide range of plains. These are available in a wide selection of styles including florals, botani- cals, stripes, classic damasks, modern geometrics and Rococo designs.

Curtain Rails

Abrash’s curtain rails allow panel curtains to span any length and even go around corners. Our versatile curtain rods have a corner solution, and offer many choices of finial to complete the look. The hardware may be simple, but the possibilities are almost endless. The pursuit of excellence is at the forefront of Abrash's philosophy when design- ing and engineering components. Abrash use technology, insight and knowledge to innovate, refine and push the boundaries of quality products.

We are specialized in following rail systems:
Grabber Rails,Flexible rail C-channel, Hospital Tracks.

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